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We Need To Talk About Unicorns…

By March 30, 2018History

I hate bloody unicorns alright! There, I said it.

When I started writing The Lion and The Unicorn comic series and first conceived (and when I say conceived I mean ripped off of the Avengers TV Series) two super cool, badass ultra knights, secret agents of the crown. The Lion & The Unicorn was a cool name, fitting perfectly to the concept – New British myth, ‘Defenders of the realm’ – There they were on either side of the crest, literally standing guard. Plus then you had The male / female dynamic, the alchemic angle – One solar, loud and ferocious the other lunar, pure and magical. Perfect.

But now, now! Bloody Unicorns are absolute legion. They’re everywhere! You can’t look at the internet without another shining eyed, pink pony, prancing at you on a candy coloured cloud of twinkly dream dust. And if their not shitting their bloody rainbow love poops down on all and sundry on YouTube then they’re coming at you on memes, on t shirts, stickers and fluffy backpacks. They’ve even made the leap into the business world – A unicorn is a start-up company valued at over $1 billion.  Not my words, those of Wikipedia, so it must be true – Don’t get me started on startups!

Way back when in the murky mists of time (circa 1999) when I was creating the characters and story world The Lion & The Unicorn, the alternate reality of Thamesis and Albion, a unicorn was just another regular old mythical beast, with no more cultural cache or emotional baggage than a griffin or a dragon – Don’t get me started on dragons! But now they are a way of life, a cultural phenomenon, a bloody belief system.

Well I’m not going to change, oh no. I was here first. So I’ll say it one more time…

Yes, she’s called the Unicorn. No, she’s NOT THAT KIND OF UNICORN!

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