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The City of The Beast // Book 1 // 1915 // Degenerate

By December 7, 2017Work in Progress

An Occult Noir thriller set against the backdrop of rising mistrust and threatened freedom
Mood: Chaos battles Order for the soul of a nation

Theme: Modern vs. Tradition // Resistance vs. Oppression // Change // Water

On the streets of the city of light fear is spreading. People are disappearing and no one can be trusted. The Order is rising it has agents everywhere, even in your home, your family. But there is hope if you can find the Haus. Here new ideas and new ways of thinking are being developed that stand in direct opposition to the fearful oppression and terror tactics of the Order.

The word is out. Beware the Cuckoo! Believe in the New.

Referencing and reinterpreting the rise of National Socialism. Framing the modernist, Dadaist and surrealist movements as resistance cells promoting new ways of thinking realised as psychic energy. Art as Power.

Visual elements: Bauhaus masks. Clean modernist vs. Classical lines First appearance of the Swastika

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