The indestructible man with a death wish. The girl who wants to save the world. It begins here!

The Lion & The Unicorn, heroes of an epic urban sci-fantasy adventure series set in an alternate reality of kings, corporations and psychic terror. Click to read the comic for free or scroll down to get deeper into the alternate reality.

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January 27, 2018

Heads Up!

I must confess I was never really very happy with this image of Vanessa operating her britomart psychic interface (As featured in The Lion & The Unicorn Volume 0.2.2). In my, perhaps misguided attempt to make sure it didn't look like most other HUDs out there - That's Head's Up Display to the uninitiated. Think Iron Man (everyone else does) - I ended up making something a bit sub par. To me it still feels very much like a first draught. The trouble is I'm not sure I've got the strength to re-work it myself, so here's where you come...
Work in Progress
December 7, 2017

The City of The Beast // Book 1 // 1915 // Degenerate

An Occult Noir thriller set against the backdrop of rising mistrust and threatened freedom Mood: Chaos battles Order for the soul of a nation Theme: Modern vs. Tradition // Resistance vs. Oppression // Change // Water On the streets of the city of light fear is spreading. People are disappearing and no one can be trusted. The Order is rising it has agents everywhere, even in your home, your family. But there is hope if you can find the Haus. Here new ideas and new ways of thinking are being developed that stand in direct opposition to the fearful oppression...
November 14, 2017

The Story So Far – Part 2

"Whatever happened to Thamesis?" is a question I am sometimes asked by a rare, few individuals - Connoisseurs of digital graphic fiction from the latter half of the naughties. Thamesis, for the rest of you, was the name of the 6 part 'digi-comics' series released in 2007. It was the prototype for The Lion & The Unicorn you know today and this is the story of it's rise and fall. But before Thamesis, back in 2004 Albion Rising was the umbrella title I was labouring under (as told in The Story So Far - Part 1). The story of The Lion...
November 8, 2017

Of Fathers, Lions & Kings

Where do you get your ideas from? Who are your characters based on? Are the most common questions I am asked about The Lion & The Unicorn. Or perhaps more accurately people like to offer their suggestions as to what they think my inspirations might have been. When it comes to The Lion, the most popular character for this guessing game, Marv from Sin City is the most common, but Herman Munster is by far the best I’ve heard to date. The Lion is undoubtedly influenced by characters from the cult-ure I’ve grown up consuming - I’d actually put him...