The indestructible man with a death wish. The girl who wants to save the world. It begins here!

The Lion & The Unicorn, heroes of an epic urban sci-fantasy adventure series set in an alternate reality of kings, corporations and psychic terror. Click to read the comic for free or scroll down to get deeper into the alternate reality.

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His and Hers

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So I also decided to do an ad for everyone, featuring both The Lion and The Unicorn, because, well, it’s called The Lion & The Unicorn. I think the ads will run towards the end of April, so if you’re playing a Gameloft game maybe I’ll see you here. Now I need to actually get back to making the comic. The digital comics version of The King is Dead Part 4 needs to go live.

Unicorn rising

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And here is the second ad (I’m running a his and hers), it features the classic Unicorn power pose from The lion & The Unicorn Act 1 of the digital comics release. I want to appeal to the Hunger Games / Game of Thrones female audience (Vanessa, that’s The Unicorn to you, would kick Katniss and Khaleesi’s ass). I know that when women pick up the comic at cons and such, they are into the character, but I think the online audience is mainly skewed towards the male and I want to redress the balance by showing the comic has a strong…

Advertisement Break

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The good people at Gameloft Games are going to be running an ad campaign for The Lion & The Unicorn ACTS digital comics’ release. Here’s how it’s looking so far. Just need something for this character to say, a catchy call to action that’s going to get people clic, click, clicking. I’d rather it was something in the alternate reality of the comic, than a blatant click to win type of thing. Anyone got any thoughts let me know.

The Great Comic Con Swindle

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 or Not much comic. A whole lotta Con. Throughout the month of October I’ve taken The Lion & The Unicorn to a con a weekend. The comic festival Hamburg, The German  Comic Con in Berlin, FACTS in Gent and MCM in London. With the exception of Hamburg these were all Cons. And by this I mean those towering colossi of corporate consumption based on the San Diego original. It’s this con model and the clue is in the name, this model of merch and madness, piled high sold cheap, that has less and less to do with the craft of comics,…